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Finding The Perfect Pair of Yoga Pants

A brand new pair of yoga pants is a glorious thing. Feeling good and true to yourself is a very important part of yoga, and a brand new pair of pants feels good. Make sure you get just what you are looking for from your pants by choosing the type of yoga pants that work best for you.


Yoga pants come in a number of different styles, and this is where your first choice happens. Now, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer with this, it comes down to your preference. Your two major choices for this are leggings or wide leg. While there are more specific cuts you will want to start here.

The main positive thing about leggings is that the tight fit helps you see your posing accurately. It is much easier to make sure your hips are tilted correctly in position in leggings, than in less fitted pants. You also are very unlikely to get tangled in a pant leg while wearing leggings. Check out some of the fashion trends for 2018!

A downside for leggings is that they can be constricting, which can be uncomfortable. While this might be an issue with sizing, some people just don’t like the feeling. Leggings can also be a little more revealing for some people. While no judgment is the general rule in the yoga community, being comfortable in your clothes does matter.

Let’s take a look at wide leg yoga pants now. A lot of people really like the flowy look, and matching your clothes to your style is important. This is totally a personal preference, so you do you! The wide leg is going to be a bit easier to fit as well. There is just more room in them meaning sizing won’t have to be quite as specific.

The tripping hazard of the wide leg style is unfortunate. Getting a foot caught in your other pant leg during a pose is terribly embarrassing, so wide legged yoga pants might not work for you. This depends on your skill level and the poses you are doing regularly, so don’t be scared off by this possibility. Just try to be aware of it, especially if you are more prone to accidents. They are also not going to show off your figure as much as leggings will, which can be a bonus if you are a little body shy.

Length Choices

Yoga pants generally come in full length, Capri length, and the knee length. You could look at this as an excuse to buy three pairs, or you can try to figure out what one makes the most sense for you.

The climate where you practice is the most important thing to consider when making this decision. If you practice in a room that always seems a little too warm, or you get to enjoy some warm weather outside, shorter is going to be better. On the other hand, the full-length yoga pants are going to help keep you warm, if it is a little chilly.

Finding out what type of yoga pants to buy is a bit of trial and error, and a bit figuring out what works for you. No matter what your style and comfort, there is a pair of yoga pants for you.